Wooden Rings

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These wooden rings are made of Zebrawood, and were handcrafted by Japheth of Beaty Woodworks, and all come in a faux leather ring box.

  • The Zebrawood is blonde striped with a dark, gorgeous grain.

These rings are subject to varied wood grain and color.  Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for specific colors (e.g. lighter or darker). Please note that all our rings are in US sizes. A Sizing Conversion Chart is available for our international friends.

Please be forewarned that submersion in water (via the washing machine, hand-washing dishes, etc.) will weaken the integrity of your ring and may cause it to break.

Discover more amazing work by this talented artist on his Facebook page.  All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.

*Alas folks, this item has been discontinued, so when they're gone, they're gone!  If we're sold out of the size you need, we recommend you contact Japheth via his blog or his Etsy store and order directly from him.  He makes beautiful things, and we wouldn't want you to miss out!