Kvothe's Vintish Court Rings - Set of 3

by Patrick Rothfuss

$ 110.00

Badali Jewelry and Patrick Rothfuss have collaborated again to bring you another piece of fantasy jewelry from the Kingkiller Chronicle.

For time out of mind, the Vintish people have given rings to indicate promises, debts, or an exchange of favors. While originally a folk tradition, these days the practice is more common among the nobility, who use the rings as status symbols and calling cards. 

The three common courtly rings are gold, silver, and iron. A gold ring is sent to someone of higher social rank, silver is given to someone you consider a peer, while iron is used for those who are beneath you. The possession of a specific person's ring carries great social significance, and they often are worn or displayed in elaborate and subtle forms of one-upsmanship.

This set of court rings consists of one solid iron ring, one silver-plated bronze ring, and one 24k gold-plated bronze ring. All the rings bear the name of Kvothe, and they're all one size (approximately size 11).  They are intended for display only, and come in a black drawstring pouch and with a card of authenticity.

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