The Maze of Games by Mike Selinker

by Awesome Donations

$ 100.00

This is a hardcover copy of The Maze of Games, signed by its author, Mike Selinker, its illustrator, Pete Venters, and its developer, Gaby WeidlingThe Maze of Games is an intensely cool interactive puzzle novel.

Published by Lone Shark Games, The Maze of Games is made up of over 50 puzzles and a deeply engaging story, all woven together in a "solve your own adventure" style.  The main characters are Colleen and Samuel Quaice, a brother and sister duo who discover a musty book called The Maze of Games.  A mysterious skeletal guardian plunges them in to a series of dangerous mazes rife with monsters and bizarre puzzles.  Only by solving their way through the mazes will the Quaice children - and you - escape the maze and find a way home.

But wait!  There's more!  Each copy of the book purchased through us comes with a Heifer International-themed crossword puzzle, the answers to which are the key to solving a larger cooperative puzzle.  When the six people who purchase this book from us combine their keys, the larger puzzle will be solved and Mike & Gaby will buy a celebratory goat from Heifer! Mike and Gaby explain it best in this video:

By purchasing this item, you are agreeing to cooperate with the other folks on this puzzle.  We'll get in touch with you to confirm the email address we should share with your fellow cruciverbalists, so that you can work together to save the day.  With a goat!

These books come with a bookmark and were generously donated to us by Mike and Gaby.  We only have six copies, so claim yours quickly!

Visit The Maze of Games hub for more content and info.  The more you learn about this wondrous tome, the more you'll need a copy of your own!

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.