Surprise Boxes!

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This year we're excited to present two surprise boxes! There's all kinds of good stuff in these boxes, but exactly what you'll receive will be a surprise (see what we did there?) until the box arrives on your doorstep.

A general idea of what's in the boxes...

Surprise Box A

  • A t-shirt, valued at $20-27
  • A poster, valued at $15-30
  • Another poster, valued at $20
  • A game, valued at $20

(Total value $75-97)

Surprise Box B

  • everything in Surprise Box A, plus:
  • Two books, valued at $30
  • A Worldbuilders-exclusive item, valued at $15
  • A game, valued at $40

(Total value $160-182)

If you do some quick math, you'll note that these boxes are a HUGE savings compared to purchasing all the pieces individually. Quantities are limited so if pleasant surprises are your jam, don't wait to claim yours!

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.