• Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg (Russian Edition)

Guardians of the Keep by Carol Berg (Russian Edition)

by Awesome Donations

$ 5.00

Стражи цитадели is the Russian edition of Guardians of the Keep, book two of The Bridge of D'Arnath series by Carol Berg. It is available here in inflated hardcover.

"You get the sense that reconstructing a broken little family is more important to Berg than all the grand-scale stuff. Which is exactly what the best fantasy should be about. A brilliantly extended piece of suspense... This [book] is about being a grown-up. About waiting and being patient, even with a constant gnawing on your nerves." -SF Crow's Nest

This book was generously donated to us by the author. Visit Carol Berg’s website for more about her work. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.