• Elodin's Question Coin
  • Elodin's Question Coin

Elodin's Question Coin

by Patrick Rothfuss

$ 10.00

"Where does the moon go when it leaves our sky?"

This enigmatic question posed by Master Elodin adorns our brass card cover coin from the 2013 Name of the Wind Playing Card Kickstarter.

Card covers are used in poker to signify to the dealer that you do not want to fold by placing them on top of a player's cards. They can also be used as challenge coins, a military tradition that includes the potential to be challenged to present your coin (and if you don't have it, you have to buy the next round of drinks).

The coins are 1.75" in diameter, made of brass, and enameled with the quote and a waystone on one side, with the Albino Dragon logo on the other.

All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.