Denna's Ring

by Patrick Rothfuss

$ 69.00

The design for Denna's Ring was created by Badali Jewelry in cooperation with Patrick Rothfuss. The ring is described as silver set with a pale blue stone, though Kvothe later learns that the metal is white gold, and the gem is a smokestone™. The ring is one of the few things Denna has a sentimental attachment to, and she has a nervous habit of twirling it on her finger. Denna's Ring first appears in The Name of the Wind™ and serves as a plot point in The Wise Man's Fear™.

Denna's Ring holds a smokestone, represented by a genuine blue topaz, and the ring itself is made of sterling silver.  It comes with a card of authenticity.

The rings are available in a plain or antiqued finish.  Please note that all our rings are in US sizes.  A Sizing Conversion Chart is available for our International friends.

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