2015 Concert Against Humanity Swag Bag

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Looking for a great random present for your random friend or family member? Do they like Cards Against Humanity and other cool promotional game things? Do they like to breathe? Whether they do or don't, pick them up a swag bag!

These gamer-centric grab bags were given to every attendee at the 2015 Concert Against Humanity and include awesome promotional cards, card packs, games, and exclusive goodies from a variety of cool donors.

All swag bags include:

Important notes:

  • All of the swag bags vary to some degree in what is included in them, and they are pre-packaged. We are not able to pick and choose which swag bag you receive. Please refer to the picture and the list above to get a sense of what you might receive.

  • The coupon card vacuum-sealed with the Pairs deck is leftover from the Concert Against Humanity, which took place in July of 2015.  The discount code on the card expired on August 31 of 2015, and will not work.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

These swag bags were donated to us by the terribly cool folks at
Cards Against Humanity. All proceeds go to Worldbuilders.