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  • Pairs: Tak
  • Pairs: Tak

Pairs: Tak

by Cheapass Games

$ 10.00

Pairs is a card game by Cheapass Games. It's simple, fast, and fun, and there are many different styles of art to choose from, thanks to many amazing artists.

The art for this Tak deck, done by Nate Taylor, depicts ten Tak games from around Temerant and the people who play them showing locally flavored piece shapes, game styles, costumes, and backgrounds. The deck is printed at DriveThruCards, who make excellent casino-quality card decks, and will be packaged as cards only, without a box.

Pairs decks contain numbers 1 through 10 in a triangular distribution (1x1, 2x2, 3x3, and so on up to 10x10). The goal is to avoid getting a pair and earning points, and the first player to a target score loses.

You can also go download the free Pairs Companion booklet, which has all of the new games and variants for the Pairs deck, collected from all of the decks from the first print run.

Find more Tak products and accessories hereAll proceeds go to Worldbuilders.